“Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!” Aubrey Verdeen

The Southern-Fried Mid-Life Crisis Comedy, “Rex’s Exes, a jones hope wooten comedy, opened May 12 at the Rialto Theater in Aransas Pass. As Gaynelle, one of the three Verdeen cousins, anticipates her 50th birthday with dread, the mid-life crisis begins. Each of the other two cousins, Jimmie and Peaches, are dealing with their own life events which weave throughout the two-act play.

Uncle Aubrey provides the most humorous one-liners and the unexpected comedic climax. The personalization of the dialog with the addition of Rockport and Shrimporee brought chuckles from the audience. Overall, the audience is provided with an evening of light frivolity.

Director Karen Cline-Tardi, the six crew members and 12 cast members reside in different communities of the Coastal Bend but are all part of the theater community which does not have city limits.

The Playbill includes the extensive bios of cast and crew. Many cast members returned to reprise their roles as Verdeen family members and friends in “The Red Velvet Cake Wars”. Their commitment to continuing to provide the theater in the Coastal Bend is obvious.

“Rex’s Exes” will continue at the Rialto Theater on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday matinees through May 28. Visit www.rialtotheater.org for times and tickets.


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