Paddle Board Fitness

Standup Paddle Boarding is gaining in popularity in the local harbors and sheltered areas of the local bays. Usually only one or two boards are seen on the water but on Tuesday evenings a group of them are in the Aransas Pass Conn Brown Harbor.

Standup paddle boarding is a popular cross-training activity with a full-body workout. Ryan Fullerton, a professional competitive paddle boarder, is bringing something new and fresh to a new Paddle Board Fitness class through Fuller Fitness.

PB on knees

Fullerton began with instruction on how to use the paddle board. Students first got on the boards and went to a kneeling position. Using the paddle to balance, they then stood upright placing their feet parallel with toes pointed toward the nose of the board.

The paddle boarders then gripped the paddle with hands about shoulder width apart, put the blade fully into the water and took a long stroke to move the board. Students spent the first few minutes practicing control of the board then positioned themselves in a semi-circle to begin the exercise part of the class.

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The Paddle Board Fitness class meets every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on the docks at Redfish Willies on Conn Brown Harbor. Paddle boards are provided for the class by Slowride Paddle Board and Kayak Rentals.

If interested in joining this class go to for further information.