What’s Mariana’s Story?

Mariana Garcia is the Parks and Facilities Manager with the City of Ingleside. After completing her undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University, she then attended Texas State University to study Recreation Management and Administration. Mariana previously worked for the City of Corpus Christi before beginning her present position. Mariana is a first-time home buyer with a three year-old daughter.

When did you move to Ingleside?


DSC_1067 Mariana looking leftWe closed on May 25 (2017) and we were pretty much moved in by June 2.

Why did you choose this town?


I work here so it is just so much easier than driving back and forth from Calallen to downtown Corpus Christi to drop Avi off at school then coming to Ingleside then going back. I choose between here and Portland but I decided there is just too much going on in Portland.

Had you lived in small towns before?

DSC_1070mariana thinking close up

We grew up in Kingsville then my dad bought their house in Ricardo. I lived in Ricardo until eighth grade then moved to Calallen.


What are some things about Ingleside which make it a good place for a young professional?


DSC_1068 Mariana close up looking down

There are a lot of businesses in the area and a lot of good jobs are coming. I was fortunate-park jobs in small towns are few – very few. I saw the Ingleside position open and applied immediately.

Everyone knows everyone and we work well with each other. The leagues work well with each other and help each other out. I like that. Baseball, soccer, football…they make sure things don’t overlap. They are very helpful.

What are some things about Ingleside which make it a good place to raise a child?

DSC_1044mariana looking at avi

The parks…they are awesome! That was the first thing I noticed when I first came to Ingleside. There are so many and Ingleside City Council is very big on parks. I love that so they have lots of great “stuff” that other bigger cities don’t have.

The street we lived on at my mom’s house in Calallen always had people speeding on it. This road in Ingleside is a circle so I don’t have to worry about people going 50 mph down the street.

What are a couple of activities and/or events you have enjoyed attending in Portland, Ingleside, Aransas Pass or Rockport?


DSC_1063 mariana and avi hu

We went to the Aransas Pass pool last week. I had never been there and it is very nice. I like the Ingleside Volunteer Fire Department events here. We go to the T-ball games here to watch my friend’s child. We went to the Shrimporee Parade. That was fun. We went to the Chamber event, Round-up and that was fun. Avi participated in the morning parade, rode the carnival rides and got her face painted. She had fun. She also likes going to Coastal Bend Skates in Aransas Pass.

Is there an example of opportunities for outdoor activities you would suggest?

We go to a park playground at least once or twice a week. Avi likes the smaller playground in Live Oak Park better for some reason. The pools are always fun.

Do you have anything you would like to add?

DSC_1071 mariana mouth open looking down

Don’t be disappointed if you get denied when you first apply for a home loan. I got denied twice before I got approved. It was frustrating trying to find something that I could afford. Don’t be discouraged. It happens when it needs to happen.