Courtesy on the water

Aransas Pass Harbormaster

From the desk of Capt. Chuck

It is now the middle of summer and the fishing locally is hotter than the weather! Spotted sea trout, known as Speckled Trout, have been easy to come by early mornings but Redfish (Red Drum) has slowed down due to the recent high tides. Daily temperatures are running a heat index of 100+ most days. Combine these factors with large numbers of boats on the water daily and tournaments nearly every weekend and one result is flaring tempers! Slow down, cool off and remember this is supposed to be recreational fishing. Be more courteous to other boaters and do not crowd each other!

Courtesy begins at the boat ramp! Prepare your boat before you back up to the ramp. No one wants to wait while you block a ramp loading ice chests, rods, tackle boxes, etc. If you block a ramp longer than 10 minutes you are messing up.

I have seen quite a few injuries at the ramps this summer, fortunately none more serious than banged shins and pinched fingers. Learn to use the wind instead of fighting it when launching. Serious injuries have been occurring due to running at high speed in the flats as well as trying to get through rough water during times of high wind.

Be safe out there my friends!