Saying thanks

As our country celebrates Independence Day, our veterans and active military are thought of first. Their sacrifices have made it possible for our country to enjoy the many freedoms we often take for granted. Communities, families and friends enjoy a holiday on the Fourth of July to remember and honor those who gave up comforts and time to insure ¬†our country’s freedom.

As we observe this day, communities have special events concluding with the fireworks displays. Families and friends get together in local parks, beaches and homes for sun, games and just a fun time.

But, there are many in our communities who miss these holidays. Some of our law enforcement officers and firemen are always on duty. Hospitals and nursing facilities continue to care for patients.

Restaurants, fast food establishments, retail stores and gas stations remain open for our convenience. That means many of our neighbors will spend the holiday serving their customers.

So, today take a minute, make eye contact, shake a hand and say


to those who helped keep our county free


those who make it possible to enjoy this holiday.