Visitor from London

Identifying himself only as Alin from London, this visitor to the Aransas Pass community has been seen for the past few weeks along the streets leading to and around Conn Brown Harbor as he picks up trash.

Alin said he needed to keep his weight down as a result of enjoying “adult beverages” while he is “on holiday with friends”. He started a morning routine of walking then started picking up cans as he walked. Now, Alin dons rubber gloves, picks up his trash grabber and trash bag as he leaves his vehicle to begin walking. As of today, he has filled 14 tall kitchen bags with the trash he has picked up.

Describing this as a “beautiful country”, Alin said he hoped others would also see the beauty of the places where he has picked up the trash. Then he hopes they will refrain from throwing more trash along the roadsides and the harbor.

“I’m trying to educate human beings,” said Alin.