Greetings from My Coastal World!

Hurricane Harvey has come and left his mark on the communities we love. As the skies darkened on August 25, business and residence windows were boarded and many had already evacuated the area. Boat owners had to decide where their boat would be the safest. Some chose to anchor their boats in Ingleside Cove and other sheltered waters,

Homes, businesses, attractions, infrastructure and our boats have suffered much damage but the heart of My Coastal World – the people – remains strong and resilient.

Many planned events have been canceled or revised. Attractions may be closed while repairs take place. My Coastal World will update the Calendar and Attraction pages as information is available.

The phone and wifi services suffered damage so communication is more difficult. Repairs are underway during the recovery period. Please, be patient as My Coastal World rebuilds these pages. The Outdoor page will be continuing to share fishing tips so visit it if you are planning to get back on the water.

The next post on the website you will see from My Coastal World will include photos from a place of safe refuge during Harvey’s merciless winds. Followers are welcome to add their personal experiences and photos as comments on the website or social media.

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4 thoughts on “Greetings from My Coastal World!

  1. Harvey may have given us a severe beating; but, thanks to the resilience and hard work of local Texans and helping hands of volunteers from around the world I’m sure Aransas Pass/PA/Rockport/Ingleside will remain my beloved little winter paradise. Praying for all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey………and Irma too.


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