The day after Harvey’s landfall

At first light on Saturday, August 26, 2017, my feet hit the floor carrying me to the closest window. Our “safe refuge” had allowed me to sleep through the worst of Hurricane Harvey as it slowly moved inland. Being approximately 30 miles from the center of the storm, Ingleside on the Bay was spared the worse destruction in other parts of My Coastal World.

Lines of debris marked the reach of the storm surge.


Boats piled along the shoreline.


Shredded leaves plastered the wet windows and doors.



After a few hours, we drove along the main roads hoping to avoid high water. Fallen trees and power lines across the chosen street often made a change in routes necessary.


Power poles in some places were at an angle to the road.


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As we entered Aransas Pass on Highway 361, the standing water along the east side of the town let me know many homes and businesses had been flooded.



Without power, there were no traffic signals and some hung vertically from lines so cars and trucks had to avoid. Drivers had to use the stop and go rules of a four-way stop intersection.

As we entered our “home”, Palms RV Park, and saw rigs on their sides or turned over, I prepared myself to see ours in a similar position.

We turned the corner and there our rig sat, exactly as we left it.


So now instead of having lost everything, I became one of the survivors who feel guilt – why did I not suffer as so many others?


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  1. Thanks for sharing the Harvey pictures. I’ve not lived near a coast, so the pictures tell me a story I’ve never experienced…it’s hard to imagine the power that swept through your area. God bless.


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