Fish on!

The bays in My Coastal World bring fishermen to the area throughout the year. Weather variations and even hurricanes do not empty the waters. Redfish, trout, black drum and, flounder continue to feed. The wind and temperature changes may cause the fish to move but they are always somewhere ready to take a bait.

For a fisherman new to this area, bank or pier fishing may be the perfect way to begin. These locations can be found in Portland, Ingleside, Ingleside on the Bay, Aransas Pass, Rockport and Fulton. Visit  to find pier locations.

Coastal visitors may choose to “book” a trip with a guide. Guides not only know where to find the fish and which bait or lure is best to use but are required to be licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and permitted by Texas Parks and Wildlife. These professionals have proven their knowledge of navigation and safety on the water and are required to be enrolled in random drug testing.

Finding a guide can be as easy or hard as searching online.  Posting an advertisement as a fishing guide does not require proof of a license so choosing one from an online search requires caution. Friends and marinas can offer suggestions based on personal knowledge. My Coastal World suggests searching the members of Coastal Bend Guides Association at Membership requires proof of all state and national requirements.

For the non-professional fisherman with his own book, knowing where the fish are on any given weekend can be a challenge. My Coastal World offers just what is needed. Each week new videos are posted on the Outdoor page with fishing tips from professional guides. They show and tell you where the fish were found that week and which lures and bait were most effective. Each week visit

So, plan your fishing trip now – whether it is at a fishing pier or on a boat, with a guide or on your own, by yourself or with your friends and family. The fish are here waiting to offer a challenge.















































 All members are required to show proof of meeting Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife requirements.

For the non-professional fisherman with his own boat, knowing where the fish are on any given weekend can be a guessing game. My Coastal World offers weekly fishing tips from professional guides who are on the water and talking to other fishermen regularly. Their videos tell and show where fish were caught that week and which lures and baits were bringing best results. Check these out at