The power of one

August 24, 4:34 p.m.(daughter) “What have you decided to do? It’s headed right for you!” 6:12 p.m. (mom) “I’ve been packing. We are going to ride it out in Gary’s house in Ingleside on the Bay.” 6:14 p.m. (daughter) “K, let us know when you are there.”

August 25, 12:36 p.m. (mom) “We are in IOB. First rain bands have reached us.”

August 26 6:16 (mom) “We are fine. Not much damage here at the house. Have no idea what is happening-no tv, no radio, no phone, no internet.” 6:19 (daughter) “I’ll text your weather to you.”

Daughter, Cory West kept up the communication during her breaks between her massage therapy clients. Each of her clients, knowing Cory’s parents lived on the coast, were anxious to hear reports of what was happening.

On August 29, Cory texted, “I am coming with 2 friends on Saturday. My clients want to send donations to the area. What do you need?”

The first trip included food, diapers and cleaning supplies which were delivered to her hometown of Refugio after clearing large limbs and debris from the property. Cory handed an envelope to her mom which held cash and gift cards. These were given to individuals who had lost their homes.

The jeep returned full of supplies again and again. These were distributed in the Aransas Pass area.  Each time supplies arrived, there was an envelope holding gift cards, cash and checks to the Spirit of Aransas Pass from the clients of Massage by Cory West.


In December the final loads of donations for 2017 were taken to the Rockport Relief Camp, 2321 FM 3036, Rockport. This camp is open to anyone who suffered losses due to Hurricane Harvey. This includes all of the surrounding communities, not only the Rockport and Fulton residents.

Cory said her approximately 100 clients either gave her money or supplies or both. Most of them live in Spring Branch and Bulverde. Beginning immediately after the August 26 landfall, their donations have continued through 2017.

One client shared her thoughts for everyone who contributed:

Our summer playground for five generations has been the Coastal Bend from North Beach to island camping under a parachute,

to Goose Island,

to Tiki head necklace shopping,

to fishing on the channels,

to playing in military bunkers,

to crabbing,

to the Buccaneer Courts,

to campfires and fireworks,

and to condo stays.

We who live inland relish a day or a week

as children

then adults

and now as grandmas

introducing the next generation to our magnificent playground at the coast.

That’s why we support you – all who continue to bring back this beautiful gift of which the Lord has left you in charge.

From the Hill Country Sisters


One person with a personal connection to the coastal area devastated by Harvey multiplied her individual impact by sharing My Coastal World’s story during her daily work.

The power of one multiplied by a hundred!




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  1. Dear Annita, This is a beautiful story of love and generosity and the way God answers our every need and more! What a gift Cory and her clients were to your community. Love, Sandra

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