Let’s go fishin’!

A couple with a young teenage son sat in the Aransas Pass café waiting for their order to be served. During their conversation, the wife asked her husband, “What do you think they do for fun around here?” Without hesitation, the husband replied, “Go fishing!”

He was so right! Most of the residents and visitors of the North Bay area find time to throw a line in the salt water hoping to pull in a trout, flounder or redfish. They fish from a bank or a pier. They wade fish. They fish from a kayak or a boat. They love fishing.

Along with the enjoyment, there is also competition…fishing tournament competition. Pro tourneys, ladies’ events, contests for kids and tournaments for the weekend fishermen.

A frequent visitor to Redfish Bay Boathouse on Conn Brown Harbor is Captain Geoff Austin with the Rudy’s Redfish Series’ trailer during the tournament season. A well-known and respected fishing guide, Captain Austin teamed up with Rudy’s BBQ in 2012 to begin the Redfish Series. In 2014 he joined forces with Wade Bullard to expand tournament events along the Gulf Coast.

Austin and Bullard formed the Gulf Coast Tournament Association (GCTA). Now they host the Rudy’s Pro Series, Redfish Rivalry and Spit Junior Anglers tournament and camps.

Hurricane Harvey interrupted the close of the Rudy’s Pro Series which was scheduled at Redfish Bay Boathouse. Austin evacuated from his Flour Bluff home on August 25, 2017, but on his return, he immediately visited Conn Brown Harbor. Seeing the devastation and lack of so many resources in the Aransas Pass and Rockport area, he knew one way he could help.

DSC_0388 (1)

With donations from his contacts and friends, Austin and other volunteers brought the Rudy’s Redfish Series BBQ trailer to Conn Brown Harbor. For 13 days, they prepared hot food for lunch and dinner for anyone who pulled-in to the Redfish Bay Boathouse event area. The hot meals were there before power, water and communications were restored. The hot meals were there for anyone…with no questions asked.

Now, Captain Geoff Austin is back on the water, running tournaments and cooking BBQ for the GCTA events. He is also presenting the first of My Coastal World’s newest magazine feature, Coastal Chat, Captain Austin will share the results of the April 21 Redfish Rivalry and the April 22 Spit Junior Anglers events. Anyone who participates in the 40-minute chat will also be able to ask questions about fishing tournaments in general.

Coastal Chat is held on the Zoom platform. Participants may download the Zoom mobile app on a phone or tablet to join the chat session. Zoom may be downloaded on your computer or tablet. If you prefer not to download, you may copy and paste the link into your browser or connect by phone for voice only. All of this will be provided in a private email you will receive following payment.

My Coastal World hopes weekend fishermen and parents of young anglers will enjoy the opportunity to Chat with Captain Geoff Austin. Go to the new page, Coastal Chat, to sign up today. https://mycoastalworld.com/coastal-chat