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On Sunday, June 10, the National Weather Service Corpus Christi contacted its South Texas partners with an update on the tropics. They wanted to dispel the rumors about potential tropical system development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tuesday, June 12 the update included the following forecast:

  • National Hurricane Center continues a low chance (20%), same as yesterday, for tropical cyclone development during the next 5 days as a tropical wave moves through the Western Caribbean into the Southwestern Gulf of Mexico this week.

  • Rainfall will help to ease some of the drought conditions the region has been experiencing. Too much rain in a short time period could lead to localized flooding issues.

  • Marine conditions may become degraded this weekend with building seas, stronger rip currents, and higher than normal tide levels, if swells from the tropical wave reach our coast.

These statements were included as still unknown.

  • If tropical cyclone development will occur.

  • Exactly how much rain will fall and the placement of the highest amounts.

  • How high the seas will build or if we will have any coastal flood impacts.

My Coastal World’s website has a new look but the content remains the same even though it may be in a different location. The links to weather information are now immediately under the new event calendar which is under construction at the present time.

The top one is for the National Weather Service. Many followers used this the week before Hurricane Harvey made landfall August 25, 2017. It always includes Hazardous Weather Outlook which provides great information when there is a tropical weather system.

Directly below is the link to the National Weather Service Corpus Christi. This link focuses on South Texas with Detailed Forecasts, Rip Current information and Hazardous Weather Outlook. If you are planning a day on the beach or the water, check this first.

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