The pier fishing community

Each open fishing pier in the North Bay area is usually filled with fishermen on the weekends and weekday evenings. This community of fishermen knows the piers allow them to reach deeper waters than is possible from the shore or a bank. A pier is one of the best places to consistently catch fish which is a reason to spur the repair and reconstruction of the many piers damaged by Harvey.

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The limited number of competent pier construction companies and financing the repairs are both reasons for the wait for some favorite piers to be open or some residents being able to enjoy their private ones.


For example, Holiday Beach is continuing to raise funds for the reconstruction of their pier and work on Conn Brown Harbor Point Park pier in Aransas Pass was halted when the much-needed rain began on June 18, 2018.

Public piers in the North Bay area are listed on the My Coastal World Attractions page with updated information. If you have not experienced fishing from a pier, find one in an area you prefer and visit before planning to wet a line.

Take the time to walk the pier and visit with the anglers as you notice what gear they are using. You can see what type of carts or wagons they are using as well as the types of rods, reels, lures and bait.

Only a few anglers were seen on Indian Point Pier in Portland during mid-day on June 13, 2018.
Talk to others on the pier who will share their knowledge about which species are usually caught and the time of day or night they find best. Very few fishermen will not enjoy sharing information with a “newbie” so do not hesitate to introduce yourself and ask questions.

All pier anglers need a type of net or gaff which are used to lift fish from the water over the railing of the pier. Without one of these, that perfect fish may break the fishing line or pull the hook loose and swim away. Choosing exactly which one you prefer may depend upon the pier you plan to visit regularly. Take the time to survey all the piers in the area you might choose to use.

Pier fishing can be as simple as taking your chosen bait or lure with a rod and reel or pulling a cart with a selection of different rods and tackle or bait. Whether you keep it simple or make it elaborate, you will cast out a line then wait for a bite. When a fish takes the bait and the line starts screaming, everyone on the pier is paying attention and cheering for the angler. People who were strangers feel like long-time friends.

As you make new friends and learn, you are on your way to becoming one of the experienced anglers on the pier who will be helping other “newbies” as they join the special community of pier fishermen. 

Add a comment about your favorite North Bay pier and tell why it should be featured in My Coastal World. You can be part of a team which will let others know we are #TexasStrong!