Healing power of an apple fritter

My Coastal World is pleased to introduce Linda Holzman, Rockport resident, as the guest author of this blog. Like, share and add comments for her at the end of her message to the people and businesses of Rockport which applies to all of the communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

I’ve lived here for 21 years now. Early on, I discovered what have to be the best apple fritters ever.


Huge, gooey with apples and cinnamon, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, coated with a sugar glaze, and not loaded with grease. So many apple fritters I’ve tried over the years are so greasy that the inside of your mouth feels coated with the stuff. Not these. I love the fritters from Rockport Bakery.

They are one of my guilty pleasures.

Rockport Bakery on Business 35, where Fulton and Rockport come together, is an area institution. While enjoying my Saturday morning fritter treat with my coffee and watching the squirrels at the feeders, my mind wandered.

It’s been almost 11 months now since Hurricane Harvey. Our lives will never be the same. Many of us are still in the process of recovery. The city is building back. The face of Rockport is changing, subtly. We’re gaining new businesses, Some were lost never to return. And then there are the businesses that picked up after the storm, cleaned up, and returned to serving the community.

I wonder if people consider how important these “old favorites” are to the community’s healing process. In the face of all the loss, we can still go to businesses like Rockport Bakery and too many others to name and enjoy what we always thought of as the “taste of Rockport”. They may not be at the same location, but they survived. Locally owned service companies; people we know well and trust to help keep our lives running smoothly, are still here and working hard. Locally owned stores we frequented for clothing, building and remodeling help, and sundries are here to serve. Local churches have worked, tirelessly, since day one. Immeasurable assistance and support have been provided by the faithful in our community.

Without these dedicated locals, all the damage that our area sustained could have caused us to lose our identity; our sense of community. But they are a big part of the glue that’s held us together.

We’ve still got a long way to go. It’s happening. We’re creating a new normal but can never forget the importance of the people who maintain the old and familiar. I know I’m ever so grateful to them.

Yep, all of that because of an amazing Apple Fritter.


Rockport Bakery is located at 3114 Highway 35N in Rockport. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 6:00 am to 1:00 or 2:00 pm.



Besides the morning pastries, lunch specials are available beginning at 11:00 am. As they continue their own recovery, watch social media for updates regarding times and specials or, better yet, stop in and ask them how things are going.

I’d love to know from you guys, what institution in the area helps you feel grounded after the storm? ~ Linda Holzman



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    1. Thanks for the heads up. When do you expect the Gulf shrimpers to be in Conn Brown Harbor? Everyone enjoys seeing them as well as enjoying the Gulf shrimp!


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