Driving vs Flying at vacation time

My Coastal World is pleased to introduce a new team member who will be sharing her personal thoughts with you through her poetry. Joy Pinto is a 1978 graduate of Baylor University with a BA in Journalism/public relations and in 1998 completed a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Texas at Brownsville.

I have always been a lover of words and it is a challenge to myself to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper! I hope you enjoy reading my poetry as much as I do writing it….sometimes I don’t know where the ideas come from, they just happen and I have to write them down…

Remember,  always, dare to dream!

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Joy Beth



Planning and plotting a vacation out of state,

Discussing driving vs flying is quite a debate.


Flying leaves the navigation to the pilot no worries on your part.

Driving can be adventurous right from the very start.


The cost of airfare and those troublesome airport woes,

Can convince folks into believing that driving is the best way to go.


Airports can be interesting; in a strange assortment of ways.

It sure gets you to your vacation destination earlier by a few days.


Driving by car can be enlightening and entertaining as new sights you will see.

And discover that across this country most people are just like you and me.


I left Texas and crossed Louisana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama. South and North Carolina, to Virginia and on to Virginia Beach for a stay.

And I will happily attest that people encountered were helpful and friendly all along the way.


Smiles were given and returned, “good morning” was answered with a grin in kind.

And this exchanging of pleasantries touched my heart and formed a truth in my mind.


Our nation is diverse in many respects and conflicts often do arise.

But the spirit of our citizens is beautiful; I saw it with my eyes.


Memories of the vacation and the beauty of the landscapes I was blessed to behold,

Are just part of the vacation experience and a conclusion must be told.


Many will try and divide us and only focus on the differences and attempt to inspire hate and unrest.

I’ve always loved and believed in this country and now I have proof that it’s the USAbest.


Each state, each region, each part of this beloved country where I’m proud to call my own.

Reflects the good of our citizens and made me feel at home.


In the future when I hear the complainers and naysayers talk with derision about our great nation,

I’ll smile and know in my heart it’s not true; I learned better on this vacation.

      thoughts from Joy Beth