The Soul of a Butterfly

The Texas Gulf coastal area lies in one of the migratory flyways for butterflies which provides residents and visitors the opportunity to see a variety during the year. My Coastal World’s poet Joy Pinto shares her thoughts after watching butterflies visiting her garden.


The Soul of a Butterfly

Butterfly; beautiful in the air,

Fragile wings graceful and fair,


Bringing beauty, joy, wonder in your flight,

Gentle on the breeze of our lives; such delight.


Wings so colorful, slowly floating all around,

Resting lovingly on the flowers in the ground.


Your spirit is innocent, you do no harm,

Everyone loves you and admires your charm.


The soul of a butterfly is like the soul of a child,

Its goodness spreads its wings ever so mild.


Each soft fluttering wing is beautiful; none are the same,

Hues of color and splendor the air they frame.


And as I watch and smile at their presence,

I come to realize their very essence.


Butterflies remind me of babies; young children I see,

Each one delicate, beautiful, unique in all they are and can be.


As we rejoice and engage in the children in our lives,

Remember the special amazing wonder before our eyes.


Each one is different, special in his/her own way,

A gift before our eyes to cherish and open each and every day.


I smile as I watch the butterfly float above the ground,

And I rush to hug my children; sweet precious love I have found.

Joy Beth


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