Bullies On Notice

As a new school year begins, many parents may be concerned about their child’s acceptance by new classmates. School districts have adopted anti-bullying policies but is that enough?

Bullies can also be found on social media, in the neighborhood, at work and anywhere in our communities. Joy Pinto shares her thoughts through her poetry about combating this pattern .

In a world seemingly filled with negativity and meanness from some.
The presence of bullies appears to have increased and what can be done?

Many will say it’s just part of life and we must learn to endure and move on.
Some will say it’s only words and quote the proverbial …” sticks and stones …”

Bullies come in all sizes, shapes, genders, ages, ethnicities; you name a type.
The reasons for bullying will vary; just listen to the hype.

The reason some people become a bully is not my focus today.
Standing up to them and defusing their power is the topic of what I have to say.

Bullies pick on those they perceive to be different or weak.
The power of a bully is increased by those around who remain silent and do not speak.

Yes, witnessing a bully in action and not doing anything,
Increases the intensity and only more damage will it bring.

Seeing a bully in action and then stepping up to defend,
May just be the solution and put it to an end.

Refusing to take part in name calling and belittling someone.
Is one way to stop it and get the job done.

Witnessing and silently watching;
inwardly knowing it’s wrong to do.
Is allowing the bully power that may someday be used against you.

Finding the courage to stand up for those who are bullied will not always be easy; this is known.
But doing so will usually stop it and your strength in character is shown.

Many will tell you kindness gets you nothing; depicts weakness and is crazy to show.
Many don’t understand the true power of kindness and compassion; they just don’t know.

Being mean and ugly and treating others with disdain and spite.
Does nothing to prove superiority or demonstrate a person’s might.

It takes tremendous strength and power to be kind in this world we all share.
Kindness is honorable; never is it weak, and is genuine proof that we care.

Bullies will always live among us; they have been around forever.
Acknowledging this reality we must
take a stand to unite and to endeavor.

A consensus of people standing together; united in a cause for good.
Will bring about change and create a better world as it should.

Take the power from bullies; in actions, words, comments in social media, don’t join in.
It can be the beginning to change for the better and put bullying to an end.

Give kindness a try even when others are not; it speaks volumes about your heart.
You might inspire others to do the same and give strength in kindness a start.

💚Joy Beth
8/1/ 2018

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