One year ago

One year ago, on August 23, 2017, the leaves on the live oak trees shaded yards while palm trees stood tall in the breezes while a tropical depression reformed after passing over the Yucatan Peninsula. The National Weather Service forecasted Harvey would become a tropical storm or category 1 hurricane and make landfall somewhere on the Texas coast between Brownsville and Houston. Emergency Management Teams in all of the communities along the coast activated. Residents began making plans and picking up last-minute supplies.

But, Harvey strengthened quickly and by evening the forecast was for hurricane strength winds with a probable landfall in the Rockport area. Some residents started evacuating while others waited to see what morning would bring.

August 24’s morning reports said Harvey was continuing to strengthen to a major hurricane which would affect the Middle and Upper Texas Coast with high winds and heavy rains. The hurricane evacuation routes began to be filled with vehicles leaving the coastal areas as Harvey was now forecast to reach Category 3 strength with the center making landfall just north of Copano Bay.

The rain began in the morning of August 25, as local Emergency Management Teams finalized their plans and residents who decided to evacuate headed south, west or to a safer location. The forecast now predicted a Category 4 hurricane. By the early afternoon, the North Bay communities had completed all that could be done and those residents remaining watched as the winds and rain intensified.

After Harvey continued its path inland, residents braved the high waters to view the destruction left behind. Tree limbs blocked streets, highways and driveways. Some palm trees were snapped in half and many were uprooted. Nothing appeared untouched by the storm.

One year later, rebuilding continues. Many homes and businesses have been repaired, rebuilt or demolished. The scars left by Harvey can still be seen throughout the area along with the new roofs and fresh paint. Many residents are back to normal while some continue to struggle.

The weekend of August 24 through August 26, 2018, will be a time of celebration for the residents who weathered the storm and demonstrated the true meaning of #TexasStrong. Many different activities are planned, and all are invited to join the Harvey One Year Anniversary parties.

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