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September 10, 2018 Memories of September 11, 2001

In Perkins Oklahoma. Was walking on a tread mill and my mother in law called and asked the tv was on. I said yes but I really wasn’t paying an attention she told me to look at it. The minute I looked the second plane hit the second


Was working at Weber and Randy Bales came and told me to cancel his trip. “A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center”. I immediately turned on the radio. Horrible horrible day in our history.

At work, and they turned on the TV, for us to watch in dismay!

Just dropped off my little girl off at school, and was starting to clean my pool and my neighbor started screaming…”They’re bombing us, they’re bombing us go get your baby! I drove like a madwoman to the school but it was on lock down. Scary times…

Yellowstone National Park

Home recovering from 1st Chemo treatment

Teaching school.

Doing a travel nurse assignment in CT. Was in my apartment and flipped on the TV to the horrific images.

Pouring concrete for footing and foundations just south of steels ave along the the 400

In bed asleep – 8:45 am in NY was only 6:45 in Wyoming. My stepmother called in a panic and said a plane flew into the WTC and I should turn on the TV. I went back to sleep. No kidding.

At the hospital with my husband getting a heart cath.

At work at a medical clinic. The tv was on in the Dr’s lounge and we stood and watched with tears running down our faces.

Was driving to work from St. Pete to Tampa, going over the Howard Frankland bridge, had the radio on and it said all planes had been grounded and that’s when I looked at the sky and realized there were no planes, as I passed TIA. Arrived at work and we spent the day in shock, gathered around the TV.

Getting ready to fly to Oakland CA from San Diego because my daughter was having surgery on 9/12. Called and told her all airports were shut down and so I couldn’t take my flight. She said I can’t do this without you so I got in the car and drove up. I…See More

On a plane from Knoxville to houston.

My first semester in doctoral student. Our professor came in to tell us about what happened. I left class to call people back home to see if everyone was okay.

Paris France, trying to get home. It took until Sunday before planes headed to the US.

At the dentist.

I was at a small hospital in Alabama and my first granddaughter was being born prematurely. She was delivered s the first towel fell. She needed to be airlifted to another city to a special hospital. All flights were grounded so we followed the ambulance VERY fast to Birmingham. She is now a healthy beautiful young lady. Very many emotions that day. Very frighten on many levels.

I was teaching a class full of adults learning how to conduct a job search after they had been laid off. As I relayed the news of the first tower I recall one man comment, “I wonder how many of our liberites we’ll lose now.”

In an Administrators’ meeting at work. Came out of the meeting & saw Cheri who was crying & said “it’s the beginning of the end”!

As Chief of the 21AF Evaluation Team testing The 910 Airlift Wing at Youngstown, OH, I was watching a 4 ship of C-130s line up for takeoff. The call came in to cancel all flights. I went to the command post and watched as the second plane flew into the…See More

I was in Pagosa Springs, CO in our motor home, living there while we were having our house built. We turned on the TV in the morning and saw the plane hit one of the towers – thought it was a movie. When we realized it was really happening we kind of…See More

I was working as a probation officer, and I was in the courtroom taking care of cases going before the judge. I was very busy, rushing around, and catching bits and pieces of the news from other courtroom staff. The county officials convened, and sent all county employees home that morning to be with their families.

Coming home from a funeral in Texas…..

at work, watching the news.

At home, talking on phone to daughter living eight blocks from the trade center … she was terrified …

Driving to work and hearing on radio about the 1st plane hitting the tower. Ran into office bldg telling coworkers we needed to get a tv turned on to find out what was going on.

Getting ready for work and just sat down at the foot of the bed in disbelief.

going into the dentist ofc for a root canal. They kept watching t;he TV over my head rather than working in my tooth. OMG. What a nightmare.

At work I asked someone to see the news that’s when the first tower went down😥

Just walked into the school bus garage after taking a bus load of kids to school and looked up at the TV in the drivers area to see it !

Albany, Western Australia
We all were in shock

Getting ready to take my kid to school & me to work.

Bus tour at Grand Canyon

On vacation in Tennessee at the hospital with my husband who needed 5 bypasses. They weren’t sure they could do the surgery since the blood supply had been frozen because of the attacks. Finally on 9/12 he was cleared for surgery but we missed all the news while we were in ICU. Such a shocking time on so many levels!

I was up all night with one of my dogs – she was having puppies. Some were born on the 10th, some on the 11th. I had the option of registering the litter on either date, but my daughter (13 at the time) said to register them on the 11th, even though it…See More

At work

Flying over Pennsylvania about the time the jet crashed. Plane landed in Charlotte NC. Scariest 2 days of my life. And so very, very sad day!

Lived in Tennessee at the time. I was at work but the doctor I worked for let me put the news on my computer and we followed it all day. It still brings me to tears.

We lived in Macomb, Illinois at that time. I was at a garage getting a oil change and seen it on their tv in lounge area. I will never forget what I watched that day.

In Texas, working at a United Way Contribution Drive. The lady I was talking to had a father that worked at the Pentagon. I loaned her my cell phone to try to call her father. I thought about her for a year wondering if her father was okay. I saw her a year later and learned that he was thankfully okay. It was such a surreal day.

On my way to class. I’d gone back to college to get my teaching degree and the whole campus was going crazy with the news. My daughter who’d gone back to school with me, also for a teaching degree, and I were glued to the TV and trying to do homework a…See More

I had just taken my daughters to school and started a load of laundry. I sat down with my cup of coffee to watch the morning news when they reported a plane had hit the world trade center. I saw the second plane hit live on the air.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I was awaken by my roommate kicking my mattress with his foot, he said my brother is on the phone. I take the phone and my brother is beside himself with grief crying while telling me our brother Len was killed i…See More

In New York for my brother’s funeral when my niece called and told us to turn on the television that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. We watched the second crash horrified by what we saw

At work

At work and they had a TV in customer area. We were all glued to the TV in disbelief. Saw the 2nd plane hit live. TERRIBLE day.

Took my youngest to school in the fog, on the way home there was a accident right in front of me, came home just in time to see the second plane hit, later that day I found out that my friends son was killed in the car accident I’d seen earlier

In Hong Kong

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