An adventure on stage

History comes to life on the stage of the Rialto Theater in Aransas Pass for the next three weekends. But, Men On Boats is not a documentary even though theater goers may learn about the Powell Geographic Expedition of 1869. Aransas Repertory Theatre’s cast of ten women adds the comedic twist. Can you imagine how women would react and what they would say while exploring the Colorado River and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time?

Knowing the historical background before seeing the play helps to understand the play. John Wesley Powell, a naturalist, led a group of nine men on this scientific investigation, including the creation of a map. The total expedition lasted three months and included many hardships, losses of boats and supplies and near drownings.


When the lights come up on the stage, it is transformed by the set design and artistic talent to allow the audience to imagine themselves in the “great outdoors” of the southwestern part of the United States.


The lighting, sound effects and the body language of cast members lets the crowd always know where the characters are during any given scene.

Men On Boats opens Friday, October 5, 2918, with performances Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons through October 21, 2018. Tickets are available online at or at the door in Downtown Aransas Pass.