Why celebrate?

As we look behind us at the end of 2018, there were smiles and tears. This poem was written by Joy Beth on December 29, 2017, just four months following Hurricane Harvey. So many lost everything. So many suffered losses. So many were struggling.

Each year brings new challenges to all of us…some lose a loved one…some lose a job…some search for a reason to live. So, why celebrate?


👀The New Year

Another year to welcome in.
Get the party started; just begin.

You say you have nothing to look forward to.
Nothing that motivates; there’s just nothing for you.

Your heart is broken; so what’s the use you say?
Why celebrate and pretend on this day?

Your pockets are empty, no money in the coffers.
New Year’s Day just has nothing to offer.

The world is crazy, people constantly fight and disagree.
Why bother to celebrate; just let it go and let it be.

You don’t need to look outward to the world for your reason.
Happiness comes from within your own heart and is always in season.

Find a reason to celebrate.
Don’t wait too long; don’t hesitate.

My reason for celebrating a new year?
That’s easy it’s YOU; the ones I hold dear.

Happy New Year!
❤️ Joy Beth


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