You are enough

January of each new year brings thoughts of resolutions.

What should you change?

How will you change?

Or, should you first ask, why should you change?

You Are Enough

The most powerful thing you can know; is that you are enough.
It can be quite eye opening when faced with indifference pretending to care; it can be tough.

But when you come to embrace the strength and beauty you have within, 
Your renewed outlook on life can only then begin.

You come to realize you don’t need someone else to define your worth, to validate who you are and can be.
No, you don’t need anyone to limit your dreams; the fetters fall and your heart and soul are set free.

Remember in this world there are those who tell you or make you believe you are inadequate in some way.
They try to convince you to change; or only negative words you will hear them say.

Be on guard for this indifference; it’s a sham to hide behind and feel good about who they are.
They most likely have been hurt themselves and hide within their life scar.

It’s like that caterpillar who crawls into a cocoon to hide away until the butterfly emerges; beautiful to behold.
The story of her life is just beginning for the world to see unfold.

As you face this day, again I say you are enough; you have naught to prove a thing.
Just move your beautiful wings lovely butterfly and allow your amazing worth to gently bring.

Bring your uniqueness into this old world of cookie cutter ideals of who you should be.
Just fly to your flower because you truly are wonderful for all the world to see.

Be on guard for those who try to shape you into their version of what in your life you can realize.
Chances are they will limit you into less than the version they see of themselves in their own eyes.

Don’t let others define your dreams
Stay strong and gentle

Joy Beth
12/ 29/ 2018