Broken hearts

As February 14 arrives, cards, candy, flowers and special gifts have been purchased to give to a friend, sweetheart or soul mate. This modern day celebration in the middle of February began as a celebration of the beginning of bird mating season in the western world and evolved into what it has become today – a celebration of love between a couple.

This is also a day dreaded by some – a young person who has never found a special someone – a single man or woman, especially following a recent break-up or divorce – a widow or widower. For these February 14 may bring feelings of being left out or regrets of days gone by.

Poet Joy Beth shares her thoughts about lives which have been shattered and the promises love offers.

Broken ❤️

A broken glass all shattered on the floor; pieces everywhere, attempts to find them all.
It’s many pieces swept up and placed upon a table; safe from the fall.

With trembling hand and special glue the pieces are ready to be 
attached together again.
Some pieces go together very easily with skill and glue in hand.

The glass is placed upon a shelf to keep it safe and allow it to dry.
The original shape has been 
reformed and water it will hold again and get by.

It is useful… it’s original shape has been put back in place,
Nothing was added except glue to hold together across a fractured space.

But, when the sun shines through, the cracks are seen and its beauty has been slightly marred; going against the grain.
Even having been worked with love and fixed with time it’s just really not quite the same.

Shattered lives are somewhat the same. Hearts are broken and tears stream down your face.
Emotions run rampant in all directions just like that broken glass falling in space.

Some hearts lie broken for years never beating with love again. 
It takes time and a special love to mend these hearts and see them beat again.

Some hearts just can’t find the pieces and never feel true love and the joy that is missing.
They beat with life and feel some kindness and just barely get along with some parts missing or maimed by someone.

Those hearts who have been shattered like a glass tumbling off a table.
It’s almost too painful to begin to look for, find the pieces, and place them back ready and able.

However, my sweets, it will happen If love is but true and unconditional,
It might-not be everyone’s cup of tea or viewed by the world as traditional.

But loves. I tell you this… the love that holds the world together, that is easy and respectful, passionate , and kind;
Well my Darlings that’s the kind of love you settle for; that brings two hearts together as one body and mind.

We all have heard “Love is the answer” when discussing the mysteries of life.
True love really is not that mysterious, it brings joy, passion,purpose, compassion, patience and very little strife.

Find that love that makes you silly and happy shows on your face most of the time.
The love that will be so strong and sweet it will shine on your face and reflect off of mine.

That love that quietly brings and holds you together as you jump into life’s roller coaster ride.
That’s the love you want to have and embrace it out in the open and never have to hide.

Love will be loud, it will be quiet , it will run and fall and dance again to your heartbeats you are living.
But most of all your love will be real and lasting ; for true love will inspire you to look for the good in your lovers heart and yourself you will be seeing.

❤️Joy Beth
1/ 30 / 2019


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