This collection of five poems by Joy Beth touches on her thoughts about life. After reading all of them, share in a comment which one was your favorite or how your views might be the same or different.


💚On Track

This roller coaster ride we call life is often wild indeed.
Up and down and over and under, sometimes we fail; others we succeed.

The ride is exciting; sometimes your hands hold on tight.
Other times you lift your arms; whoop and holler in sheer delight.

Maybe life is more like a view of those cars; an observation if you will.
Periods of climbing aboard for that ride; and at times you just remain still.

From the ground looking up it sure appears inviting.
Folks are mostly smiling, having fun, it certainly seems exciting.

I’m pretty sure life is a combination of riding high and also looking up to see,
Just what do you want your life to consist of? Where do you want to be?

Only you can decide to jump aboard or maybe observe and learn from the view.
Just be certain to choose a track that reflects your heart and soul and is truly special for you.

I’ve gotta go; I’m jumping on board and I hope to see you there.
Come on friends, life is amazing; ride with me if you dare!

❤️Joy Beth



Memories are composed of a variety of life’s events embedded in our heart and mind.
Some cause uneasiness at the remembrance; and others bring a breeze of smiles and comfort recalling those who were always kind.

Memories are moments that can shout with significance; or whisper and are fleeting at best.
Some are vivid with brilliant hues and others almost transparent with vagueness and remembering is a test.

Memories are past emotions that evoke the same response or become topsy- turvy in our brains.
The perspective morphs into a different vision; recollections are not the same.

Memories are dormant at times, a smell, song, a place can spark life into a fire of recollections that burn into the very moment we are living.
Leaving us with a reliving of people and events, into the shadows of streets of the past and in the reliving believing.

Memories are of the past; what importance should we place on them now or in future considerations?
Do we dismiss them as having none or of little value in our current deliberations?

Memories are the proverbial good, the bad, the ugly; depending on your point of view.
I choose to relish and adore the good ones; the ones that bring a smile and I hope you do too.

😊Joy Beth



Your life is as beautiful as you believe it to be.
It is a compilation of interactions;
some by choice, others perhaps
Life is a revolving door of those interactions.
Some people will harm; others enhance.

As you travel the road on the journey of life,
All is contained in your heart,
soul, and mind.
These experiences shape and color
your memory; define your perspective.
Each moment is measured against the next, a picture is formed to find.

The song you walk to is formed by the rhythms of your heartbeat.
At times you dance; at times you
stop and listen; for you have lost
the tune.
The song you carry begins again
and often your moves will repeat.

Your life, your memories, your song;
belong only to you.
Live, remember, sing; it is all about what you do.

❤️Joy Beth

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❤️Ode to Love 💋

Love is simple and complicated all within the confines of a heart.
It can expand to more than we can bear at the end; emptiness where a magnitude of warmth was at the start.

Love is not blind; it just chooses to see not with eyes but feel with an embrace of tingling desire.
Dizzy heart pounding elation and joyfulness that burns like a bonfire.

Love makes each encounter with a lover pink, sweet, breath-taking, powerful, and mesmerizingly drunk with expectation.
Knowing, believing, never doubting that this feeling; this excruciatingly wonderfulness is part of anticipation.

Anticipation of what will come next built on that foundation of time that is spent with the one.
Dreams of pure happiness that refuses to acknowledge or accept that the other has distant become.

But no matter how little or how long that awesome feeling of love does last; it’s worth it all and more you see.
For love is part of living; and that’s what I wish for you and for me.

❤️Joy Beth

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🎶🎶🎶 Song of Life 🎶🎶

Don’t worry about what others think; live your life for you.
Your dreams belong to you and are born of your heart; cherish them as you do.

Your aspirations, your desires, and your wishes are like a song with a melody no one else can duplicate.
As you interact with others sometimes a sour note or two mixes in with sweet harmony that your life song will make.

If your song is at times full of gusto and vibrates with energy and your voice solo for all to hear,
It’s supposed to sound true to your soul and your friends will smile and cheer.

Your song may at times quietly float along barely audible for others; to perceive.
This might be the time that you need the most support and for others to believe.

Fast paced or slow; words of love or despair; your song will emerge created by your heartbeat like a drum.
The rhythm and melody as you create this life song will be yours to sing loudly or at times just a quiet hum.

No matter the notes, tempo, instruments added, or even the genre of your song,
It will be unique in all this world and the melody will present itself and to you it will belong.

Listen to your heart and tune in to those around you and make a beautiful symphony each day.
Sing your song and be who you are in your dreams; no worries about what the world might say.

The world may try to change your tune; even stop your song as you sing.
Please don’t let this happen my friends; your life song only you can dream and then bring.

🎶🎶💚Joy Beth