What? What’s on my mind?

It is Friday and the day is beautiful in my coastal world. As we look forward to the weekend, here is a light-hearted poem from Joy Beth. Share your thoughts in the comments.

🙃What? What’s on my mind? 😉

What’s on your mind? FB asks me each and every day.
Facebook must be a lonely male; most wouldn’t dare ask a female what they have to say.

Some days I have a serious topic to shine a light on to better see what is hidden in the darkness.
Hopefully this will be thought provoking and bring clarity, understanding, and even progress.

Some days I may reflect on more light-hearted themes and want to make you grin and giggle.
And paint an image as funny as a greased pig trying to sneak into the mall and try on a bikini with a grunt and a wiggle.

But no matter what my thoughts are as I ponder this FB question of the day,
Thank goodness I have someone/ something who wants to know what I have to say.

So, thank you dear crazy FB for giving me this forum to express my mind as I now do.
You may regret your invitation and revoke this great opportunity and say, “Joy Beth not today for you.”

Alas, if that day should harken, I’ll just have to find another way to speak my mind.
Because if you know me at all. the silent type of folks is just not my way or my kind.

Thanks for indulging me in this bit of silliness and hopefully I gave you a grin.
I haven’t written anything like this very often and I’m not sure I ever will again.

💚Love, Joy Beth


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