Hearts and souls of humanity

Here is another collection of poems by Joy Beth. She shares her personal thoughts and feelings as she lives her daily life and reflects on humanity.

⭐️Soul Colors 🌈

That inner life force where the true person lives, the soul, the real deal.
The part of each of us that pretense and subterfuge cannot hide, and the essence can but reveal.

Is the true nature and reality of your soul beautiful and lovely to behold?
Or is it kinda smudged, maybe dirty, and unappealing if truth be told?

If today a portrait were to be painted depicting your soul for display,
Would only inky drab grays and dark smears of black mixed in with very little rainbow hues be used on this day?

What is the palette that colors your soul? Any warm pinks or lavender, yellow, or mint green and violet red?
Or just a smudge of mostly darkness and grayish clouds that cower above your head?

We must nourish our soul, refresh our heart, and meditate along the way and renew.
It’s not too late to use those hues that represent love, kindness, forgiveness, a gentle touch in what we do.

We all have things and thoughts we don’t want others to see that dwell deep within.
We don’t want to acknowledge them ourselves and surely hide even from close friends.

We can change the colors of our soul, it’s not too late.
Be quick in beautifying your soul; do not hesitate.

The colors that dwell within your soul can be a myriad of beautiful hues.
It’s really simple; it’s all up to what you say and all that you do.

❤️Joy Beth
2/ 5/ 2019







⏳Joy Beth


❤️ Ode To Smile Makers😊

Well folks, I’ve been thinking about life in general; the multitude of ups and downs.
The people mostly responsible for our giggles, smiles, tears, and frowns.

There are people that we come into contact with that put a smile on our face and giggles escape our lips.
We love to be in the same room with them and our admiration makes our heart do floppity- flips.

There are those who make us laugh; such fun to be around.
Time spent in their company is such a blast that belly laughs abound.

There are those that create a love that blooms and grows in our soul and sparks a fire.
The very mention of their name ignites a gigantic passionate bonfire of desire.

There are those that we admire and respect; they inspire us to dream in color and motivate us to grow.
These are the ones that touch our minds to think and live quality existences; the world benefits and results will certainly show.

And, there are those who bring such drama that negativity results from the mention of their name.
Their reputation for damage and conflict immediately bring worry and from their company we refrain.

There are those folks, so evil and ugly and mean; thought to be spawns of Satan; I swear I saw horns.
Their souls have a stench of sulfur, and in their presence we wither in spirit and our heart and souls dry up all forlorn.

So choose the folks you spend time with carefully; with thought and speculation of what will be.
Don’t waste your precious time on those who don’t respect you, your time, or don’t see the potential you have and will someday be.

When weighing in the people in my life; the good, the ugly, and the ever present bad,
I’m very grateful the “gifts” I refer to as friends; well now I’ll proudly say mine are the best that could be had.

Thank you for the giggles and grins and the joyful laughter that you bring.
My heart beats a song of love and my soul gratefully it does sing.

❤️thank you smile makers
You know who you are❤️

Love, Joy Beth
1/24 / 2019


😐😐 A troubled heart💔

Reflecting on events of this disconcerting past week,
I must look within and above for guidance to seek.

The tone of our nation has become harsh and divisive to say the least.
It’s as if evil and vileness have been spewed from a hate consuming beast.

Our beautiful nation is in a dire conflict of what is deemed right or wrong.
Name calling, accusations, mean spirited actions are prevalent where open mindedness should belong.

I have a heavy heart and feel concerned for the lack of civility.
It appears we can’t disagree with respect; we’ve lost that ability.

Vigorous debate and exchanging
differences of opinions are good.
Respecting ideas of others and trusting no backlash as it should.

I know where I stand, how I view things politically speaking.
Trying to sway anyone over is not my intent nor what I’m seeking.

One fear I do have and I will state knowing that many will not agree.
Is something I’m willing to say and the fallout will be what it will be.

The sexual assault on any female ( or male ) is horrid and life changing.
The guilty ones should face lawful punishment; no escaping.

However, because an accusation is made does not make it true.
Proof and evidence of substance are imperative too.

Slander and mud slinging are not the rule to live by; innocent until proven guilty is still the law of the land.
Assuming guilt because an accusation is made is getting too far out of hand.

I don’t have the answer as how to get things reconciled about these issues we face.
I only hope and pray we can once again gather strength and apply

Males and females are not enemies for battle; one isn’t better than the other.
In our creator’s eyes we should honor, respect, and love as sister and brother.

Showing mutual respect of everyone along our journey each and every day
Hopefully will make the world a better place and show the future generation a better way.

Joy Beth Pinto



💚Rules For My Heart💚

I find myself thinking about life and things.
And how most days a smile something or someone will bring.

Now some folks who think of themselves as being quite smart,
Enjoy enlightening us all on how to live life from the start.

Some will tell us to guard our hearts and be cautious of those who say “l love you.”
That in reality many may say it but those who mean it are few.

“Don’t be so trusting!” those well-intenders will say.
You must be less trusting of people or they will hurt you along life’s way.

I must confess that at times I’ve listened to this advice and been determined to be ready.
My heart hidden from such tricky shenanigans and my mind all steady.

Not quite as trusting or giving of even my smile for fear of what would become if I did.
So for a time I would be on guard and my naturally easy smile I hid.

But it didn’t feel genuine or true to my nature, my heart hidden away.
I wanted to honor the advice of those trying to help; but to myself I had to say.

Heart of mine, listen up and learn from this lesson in life.
It’s very true that living in this old world you will encounter some strife.

But along with life’s bumps, frowns, and even meanness and some hate.
In spite of dark clouds of division, bullying, even evilness; love, I won’t hesitate.

If all of us guard our hearts out of fear of what we will see;
Then fear will be our ruler and not love as it should be.

For love opens our souls for the beauty of life at it’s best.
And that beauty is worth feeling; I’ll put fear at rest.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll repeat it again, “Friends are the gifts we give to ourself.”
Thank goodness my heart was open to y’all and not bundled up all safe on a shelf.

Joy Beth