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Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. ~ Howard Nemerov (www.britannica.com)

In the subtropical Gulf Coast, summer days can become quite oppressive which may bring about a lackadaisical attitude. So, take a brief pause, sip an icy beverage and relax with a fan set on high while you experience what Joy Beth is sharing in the following verse selections.

⏰Time Travel⏱

Past, present, future; time is the path of life’s journey we all make.

Of the three, the present is the only clear existence of time we can partake.


The past is gone, memories are all that remain; perspectives of the past are defined by time itself.

Keep those special memories, but, live in the now; don’t put the present on a shelf.


The future never really shows its face; dream and make plans for life ahead.

Without those beautiful vivid dreams, the future might be drab and something to dread.


The present, the now; the only moment in time which we can reside.

Is all that we are given; enjoy it, embrace it and ride it like the highest wave that rolls in with the  tide.


Time is a reflection in a mirror in a crazy house of angles, twists, and turns.

The optical illusions of the blending of the three, can make us doubt and yearn.


The heartbeats of our life give rhythm to dance by an anticipation of what the next step will bring.

Dance with the present; perfect the missteps of the past and follow through to the future with joyful heart and by all means; dare to dream.


Time cannot be contained, nor should we try to hold it firmly and refuse to share.

Let time travel as it should and soar from our hearts into the beauty of the possibilities like a bird in the air.

 💚Love, Joy Beth

 3/ 19 / 2019

Mmmmmmmm………..Ice Cream🍦


Ahhh….that cold smooth softness as it hits my tongue.

DSC_0294 (1)

The sweet incredible sensation and party in my mouth has just begun.


The multitude of flavors to choose from for a tasty treat to enjoy.

Has put a smile of satisfaction on many a girl and boy.


The only real danger involved in eating ice cream,

Is eating too quickly; brain freeze can produce a silent scream.


A cone or a cup; one scoop or two, maybe even three.

Heaps of cold creamy magical goodness; oh how many will it be.


Add the toppings; sprinkles, candies, syrup, and whipped cream and a cherry on top to complete.

Or just good ole ice cream ready to devour without toppings, just nice and neat.


As I ponder the pleasures of this frozen creamy delight that is truly quite super,

It could only be better if one day I could morph into the actual spoon shaped metal ice cream scooper !


         🍦dedicated to all lovers of ice cream young & old 🙂

Joy Beth

5 / 20 / 2019

💚Quietly Present

A friend is a bridge to help you continue the walk of life with a hopeful heart.

No matter the circumstances you face; the good, the bad, the ugly; a true friend is with you from the start.


I’ve often said, and I truly believe that friends are gifts we give to ourselves as we walk along the way.

Sometimes they walk beside you or ahead of you to catch you if you stumble and words of encouragement you hear them say.


At times words are not needed; silent affirmation is conveyed with a hug or holding your hand.

Their mere presence is all that is needed; nothing spectacular, noisy or grand.


We all face adversity and tests of our strength and faith in God differently and the best we can.

Questions of why me? Why this? Why this heavy load? I’m only human; a woman, a man.


When this time of needing friends occurs; when a hug, a smile, or words of support are crucial to heal body and soul with love so true.

Comfort arrives by sharing with our friends the joys and sometimes fears of what the future holds for you.


The real purpose of those gifts I call friends then show their value not measured by silver or gold.

For therein lies the beauty of friendship that whispers silently

“I’m here.” Quiet and yet bold.


I seek strength to be one of compassion as I travel and walk with my friends.

Those precious gifts in life that reflect my journey from beginning to end.

❤️Joy Beth

 June 27, 2019


🤗Hugs Are Magical🤗💚

Hugs are life changing for the person in need.

Hugs can also morph a good day into awesomeness indeed.


That moment when other arms surround the outside of your heart,

The comfort and magic can begin and create a satisfaction from the start.


There is something deeply transforming about a hug that is phenomenal yet easy to comprehend.

Hugs can change a person’s outlook, add to happiness, and even jump-start broken hearts to mend.


Hugs are those unspoken words that need not be uttered aloud to our ears for understanding.

Hugs are for silent affirmation that dissolves anxiety in order to create a new beginning.


As much as I know about hugs to be powerful and how amazing their affect to be,

The truth is that when a hug I give to someone else, the magic also bounces back to me.


Hugs are sometimes as magical to give as to receive.

So, here’s my hug with a special message; just give it back and believe.

Joy Beth

4 / 28 / 2019



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