Changing course

Followers: Where have you been?

My Coastal World: Working on a new road map to follow.

My Coastal World was born May of 2017 and during the subsequent two years, readers in the North Bay area of the Coastal Bend, throughout the state of Texas, from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States and “across the pond” in Europe, Middle East and Australia became followers by email and on social media.

The summer of 2019 these faithful followers may have noticed a dramatic decrease in new posts until September when they became nonexistent until today.

A Message of Perseverance

In July 2018, I received the following diagnosis: I think you have Parkinson’s Disease. There are no tests to confirm this diagnosis so we will start medication and see if the symptoms go away. The good news is you won’t die from PD.

The next year was spent looking for answers. What is Parkinson’s Disease? What are my symptoms? Is there anything I can do to “cure” myself? What do I do now?

By June 2019 I knew there would be no cure, but I could slow the progression of the symptoms. Starting with attitude, I looked for ways to stay positive. Next, I began studying diet including supplements which could support a healthier lifestyle.

Then it was time to add more physical activity. Physical Therapy led to Tai Chi for Heath. I added some crafts and started reading what others had written – books! Finally, I found a voice “coach” so my new road map for this new PD life was looking ready to follow.

Writing blogs for My Coastal World took a back seat as I navigated along this new pathway. Then today I heard Tim Hague, RN say “PERSEVERE!” and that one word added a spiral curve to the path I saw in my mind.

One of the ways I found to learn about my new PD life was through webinars. The Davis Phinney Foundation’s webinar on this date, October 19, 2019, was “Little Big Things” coming live from Austin, Texas. Sitting in my living room, I was listening to speakers from the U.S. and Canada as they shared information about programs and products which are assisting others as they plot their course with success.

So, Tim Hague from Winnipeg made me reconsider where I was headed. His “little big thing” is @U-Turn PD whose mission statement is “Live Your Best”. But the words which brought me here are, “PD will not steal” my life. I will “PERSEVERE”!

So, continue to follow and the next blog will describe the spiral curves ahead in my vision of a new route for My Coastal World.


8 thoughts on “Changing course

  1. Praying for peace and strength for you after this diagnosis. You have an incredible gift of sharing information while making it fun. I love your blogs, I am grateful for our friendship. Please take a look at my post yesterday 10/21 on Blue Eagle Retreat. I was working outside and heard the whooping crane flying way over head. I made a video of them and that made my day as I knew they were headed to rockport as they flew overhead. The monarch butterflies are also migrating through here in the Heart of Texas in Bruceville, Texas (just 20 miles south of Waco).


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I have enjoyed following the birth and growth of Blue Eagle Retreat through your posts and am looking forward to watching your video of the whooping cranes.


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