Full speed ahead

Almost four months ago many of My Coastal World followers were left wondering what changes would be taking place after reading “Changing Course”, October 19, 2019. The wait is over.

My first thought was to say goodbye and allow the website to disappear in May 2020. Then over the past few months several new readers found the site. Some of them became new followers.

I have had second thoughts.

My Coastal World has featured guest authors in the past and readers have enjoyed their blogs. So, each of you are being invited to be a storyteller. What could you write? Here are a few ideas…

A fishing, boating or birding story,

A North Bay historical story,

Describe a favorite North Bay restaurant or business,

Promote an event to be held in the North Bay,

Describe an event held recently,

Share a story about a person,

or a photo story about the North Bay area.

All submissions must be by email to annitalwest4@gmail.com

Do not be concerned about grammar or spelling-the website will suggest changes.

No ads of any kind, including political issues, will be published. My Coastal World will continue to share what makes the North Bay area a wonderful place to live and visit in Portland, Gregory, Ingleside, Ingleside on the Bay, Aransas Pass, Rockport and Fulton.

Have questions? Add a comment on a social media site or send them by email.


One thought on “Full speed ahead

  1. Dear Annita, So good to hear from you and the interest you have in promoting your area of the world where you live. Pray all things are going well for you. Love, Sandy


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