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Few people in the world today are not thinking about COVID-19, the corona virus. The North Bay of the Texas Coastal Bend residents and visitors are also considering how their daily lives are changing.

Today, March 16, 2020, the latest guidelines were provided for the next fifteen (15) days during a Presidential news conference. A few of the changes to previous recommendations to state and local government include no group events or activities for more the 10 individuals, pass up eating in restaurants, and avoid discretionary travel.

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Guidelines continue to change as new knowledge is acquired. Each of us are making personal decisions every day. Our businesses and organizations are doing likewise. Within a few minutes this morning, information was received announcing the cancellation of the Ingleside Round-up Days and Music Festival and the Master Gardeners of San Patricio and Aransas Counties Brown Bag Lunch and Pop-up Plant Sale in Rockport.

My Coastal World readers are found in many different states, Canada, Europe and Australia. They are different ages and from different backgrounds but each of you are living through COVID-19.

Now is the time for you to comment. Include a general geographic location and description of an age group such as high school, college age, millennial, parent of young children, middle age or senior. Next share at least one change made in your daily life due to COVID-19. You may choose to include reasons for the change(s).

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We often learn from others who are experiencing a similar challenge.

Be part of the conversation.

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5 thoughts on “Be part of the conversation

  1. We are not eating out for the time being, avoiding our volunteering for Coastal Bend Troop Support (closed until Apr 1), limiting trips to the grocery store, using curbside when available. This is important for us since husband George is 88, in good health fortunately, and I am 83, also in good health. This too shall pass and we’ll try and do our part. Living in the Coastal Bend is a definite plus!!!

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    1. Houston areas have closed all in dining and only take out or delivery. Dining out will affect this house hold. I did not go out and power buy but over the past couple of weeks gradually stocked the items on the demand list. Been instructed from my corporate office in Miami to office in place no field work. Pretty much until further notice. Rest assured he made sure I’d have plenty to do! Said he didn’t want me to get bored. Wasn’t that so thoughtful of him! This too shall pass. We are seasoned hurricane survivors.

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  2. It is good to see your post, Annita, and assuming you both are staying well. We are doing well. Out to get what is needed. Love, Sandra

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