A Coronavirus Trilogy

How did you feel on March 25? What were you thinking on April 16? How did you react after hearing Texas Governor Greg Abbott announce plans to reopen the state on May 1?

Our poet Joy Beth shares her feelings, thoughts and reactions in this trilogy. After reading, you are invited to share your own in verse or prose in the comments.

🇺🇸The Days Before Us🇺🇸

So many thoughts spinning in my mind;

Searching for purpose with peace is challenging to find.

Social distancing while out gathering supplies is good.

A smile and a passing “Hello” works as well it should.

No hugging has been truly hard; arms aching for the touch…huggers will understand.

Hand shaking is on hold for the duration; trying hard to follow the protocol at hand.

Circumstances require that we all adjust to the dictates of what is best.

Unity in actions and putting aside personal desires is the goal of this difficult test.

Individual responsibility is required for making correct choices each day,

As is heeding advice of medical experts to show us the proper way.

The days before us are stressful and at moments hard to bare.

It’s importance to let friends and family know how much you care.

Our children are watching; expecting us to do the right thing.

Trusting that we will show compassion and calmness bring.

Take care of one another and let that kindness shine through .

I send prayers and love for each and every one of you.

❤️Joy Beth

3/ 25 / 2020


😎😎Stand By…🎶🎶🎶

Social distancing, go out only for things you truly need.

Buy what you need to get through a week or two don’t hoard or give in to greed.

Face time with friends and family; look into that camera and everyone smiles.

I suppose it’s better than nothing for those separated by miles.

Most are willing to abide by guidelines established for the good of all.

Putting ourselves or others in harms way is not what we want to befall.

I get it. I truly do. For the most part I’m a rule follower, I respect both myself and you.

However, how much longer in isolation to get us all safely through?

The “experts” have differing views as they postulate what is best.

These so called experts can’t even agree on how best to test.

Anxiety is on the rise; depression, and mental / emotional roller coasters are the current norm.

Stress and frustration at the circumstances are unsettling and resulting in harm.

Living minute by minute to survive these worrisome times is all that I can do.

I’m truly grateful for my family and friends that help me make it through!

Chins up, this too shall end; soon we can sing and dance with glee,

Get those dancing shoes polished and y’all come and dance with me!

Texas Two step, waltz, tango, you move to the music in your heart.

Listen to the heartbeat of your life and you will know when to start!

💃 Joy Beth 💜

4 / 16 / 2020



“Open up business a little at a time…” and naysayers are alarmed.

“Stay closed; its too soon…. we will all be harmed!”

“Staying home a while longer is nonsense and harming us; jobs lost and people suffer more!”

“Don’t tell me I have to stay inside or wear a mask to step outside my door!”

Who is right and who is wrong?

On which side should I belong ?

Information based on “facts” are important and worth the effort to seek and find.

Don’t live your life waiting for others to tell you your opinion; think/ research and make up your own mind.

We have faced a situation that has changed and challenged our way of life.

The good, the bad, and certainly the ugly have created a multitude of strife.

We have traveled a mighty distance through uncertainty that picked us up like a tsunami wave,

The unknown of the extent of actual danger has created fear, frustration, anger, and confusion as how to best behave.

Moving forward we each are challenged to continue to reflect on the steps we have already taken.

Then calmly stand in the present as we move into the day to day future and not fret if we are mistaken.

Sometimes all we can do is make decisions based on what we at the time do know.

Doing nothing because of fear of mistakes will result in nothing to show.

Politics are divisive by nature… red vs blue is expected in the voting booth.

Sensationalism and trickery muddy the waters when seeking truth.

Life can be like a game of chess; each move determines the outcome of who the winner will be.

But people should never be pawns to sacrifice; neither you nor me.

Doctor, economist, researcher in a medical lab are not my expertise that guide my decisions nor attitude to guide me through my day.

But as I place my head on my pillow to dream my dreams each night; it’s peace and assurance from my heart that guide me along the way.

Individuals are we; each of us is important and respect is due.

As I live my life and voice my thoughts as we begin opening anew; don’t denigrate me nor I you.

The beauty of our great nation and the life we live under our Constitution strong;

We can be individuals in our thoughts and approaches and still all to this country belong.

For me to be right; you don’t have to be wrong.

But united and agreement in love of country will make our nation strong.


Joy Beth

4/ 28 / 2020