Have a nice day

Photos by Randy King

As Randy King arrived to begin his normal workday on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, it was a nice morning on the Port Aransas beach as daylight broke through the night sky. A slight breeze promised another pleasant morning along the Mustang Island coast but In a short time that promise would be broken.

Instead of the usual south-easterly breeze moving softly over the low waves, the wind changed direction and began increasing in strength from the northwest. Gray clouds began forming, blocking the sun as it was rising.

The clouds began to darken as they moved along the coast, blowing sand as the wind velocity increased across the beach. Within a few minutes the clouds were black and churning as a squall line moved through with a vengeance.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the clouds began to thin and the sunshine began peaking through.

However, at the same time in the Aransas Channel, two kayakers we’re struggling to swim to the the shoreline after being flipped out of their light boats as the squall line passed their location. By the time assistance arrived they were safely on shore.

The local weather forecast for the middle Texas coast is online at the National Weather Service. Look for the Detailed Forecast and the Marine Forecast. Within the Additional Forecasts and Information, the Marine Weather tab includes the NWS Corpus Christi Marine page. There is a wealth of information for boaters and fishermen such as a Coastal Waters Forecast.

As a convenience for My Coastal World readers, a link to the local weather report is included at the bottom right of each page. Safe boating requires more than just knowing how to operate a boat with or without a motor. Being aware of weather conditions and prepared to adjust plans accordingly can make the difference between having a good day on the water or having to swim to shore.

As Randy King looked at the photos he had taken of the squall line he wrote…

Hump day started out NIce.

Then the Storm Came.

But this too shall pass.

To be another Beautiful Day on the Beach.

Hope you have No Storms in your Life.

And your Day is Full of Smiles.


3 thoughts on “Have a nice day

  1. Great story leading into great information. The second time you mentioned his name his first name changed to Rand.

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  2. I see that Randy is correct in both places. I did not notice that Nice was NIce

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  3. I’m assuming you saw and experienced this storm since Randy saw it at Port Aransas. All of sudden it was there happening and then not long before it was gone. Dark and menacing clouds for sure. I talked to Marsha a couple of days ago. They are doing fine, staying well. Gail’s big event recently was getting out of the house to go get gas. Then Marsha said a couple of days later he said he was going to get gas and she laughed and said, “we don’t need gas, we haven’t been anywhere!” So much for driving someplace, probably any place, just to have something to do! This last Sun. we took a drive to Grants Pass, west of us. Took a back highway through the Applegate valley to G.P. and then a different highway, and a little bit of the freeway to get home. A nice outing. Stay safe, stay well! Love, Sandra


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