A virtual Mother’s Day

As I earned my senior citizen status, I found myself losing some of my self-imposed filters. For example, when a family member asked what I wanted for my birthday or other gifting occasions, instead of the standard, “Just surprise me!”, I began stating specific things I desired. This year following two months of COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place, I told our son, the family tech expert, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was a group chat with him, our daughters, our three adult grandchildren and our great grandson.

And, he made it happen! The result was 40 minutes of chatting much like would happen if everyone was sitting in a room together after not seeing each other for two years. The only difference was my hubby and I were in Aransas Pass, TX, daughters in San Antonio, TX, son in Virginia, one granddaughter in Alabama, the other granddaughter and great grandson in Florida and our grandson was in his truck driving home to Mississippi,

After all of the,”Happy Mother’s Day”, greetings, I doubt I said much more. Listening to all of them talking and joking with each other made me smile from the “Hi there” to the “Goodbye”. Then the oldest granddaughter ended our virtual family time by saying, “This was so much fun, let’s do it every week!”.

And so, the Friday night chat began my Mother’s Day weekend. Sunday morning began with a kiss and “Thank you for mothering our children. I don’t have a card or balloons this year for you.” Truthfully, I did not miss either. Hearing the words which might have been written in other years, meant more when spoken.

Our daughters arrived before our 1:00 pm reservation which allowed for the typical gift opening time. As a sole-proprietor of a one person office, our daughter’s business has been closed since March 28. Texas Governor allowed Phase 1 of reopening to begin May 4 for her office. Without normal income for a month, she said this year all she had for me was a Mother’s Day card. But as I opened the card it was more than that since it included a poem she had written which ended:

You are my rock. You are my heart.

A mother’s and daughter’s souls never part.

I know I’ll have you with me always.

I hope you know the same.

A mother and daughter’s love,

The one promise that will remain.

Then the next card came with an unnecessary apology about it not being a poem but a note from her heart. It began:

You have always welcomed me with open arms. Thank you for showing me such grace and love.

Then came such a wonderful meal with a view of the water. All of the social distancing rules were followed by the customers and staff at Paradise Key for the occupancy allowed in Aransas County. Remembering my own mother, I ordered her favorite fresh seafood, fried oysters.

After enjoying time on the patio with sunshine and a light breeze, our guests left for their trip home. Picking up my phone to check messages for the first time, I found an email from the daughter in Virginia. It announced there were shared photos for me. The first one I saw was a yellow rosebud.

The message said:

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I am sorry that it has to be virtual flowers this year. What I have called Annita’s Sunrise is always my first bloomer. Due to this weekend’s double freeze and bitter cold Saturday, she didn’t open for today.

Other photos showed a myriad of colors in the variety of potted flowering plants. These Mother’s Day flowers, including the special yellow rosebud will never wilt.

Next year as May draws near I know exactly what I will request. I want a repeat of Coronavirus Mother’s Day 2020; a son who brings everyone together, daughters who give their gift of words and a hubby beside me with a simple thank you.

Where were you on Mother’s Day 2020?

How did you celebrate the day?

Were you continuing to shelter in place?

Were the restaurants reopening where you live?

How will you remember the day?

Share your answer to one or more questions in the comments below.