Airport Woes

Who’s ready to have a break from the constant bombardment of stress producing news? My Coastal World’s poet Joy Beth shares her amusing account of waiting in an airport for her departure. So take a 2-3 minute break to enjoy Joy Beth’s account.

🛩✈️ Airport Woes ✈️🛩

You know those PA announcements you hear in the airport about keeping your bags in your sight at all times,

And NEVER watch the luggage of a stranger because you could be in involved in all sorts of crimes?

Well, I had never even been asked by a stranger to keep an eye on his things,

Always had been a little bit curious as to what exactly the results it would bring.

Now I know….it happened in the airport yesterday while waiting at my departure gate.

Little did I know what would happen or could imagine my fate.

A stranger sitting close by asked if I would keep an eye on his bag and laptop,

While he purchased some coffee around the corner; a mere skip and a hop.

Before I could remember the warning of saying yes to a stranger,

Before I could even think of hidden consequences or potential danger,

“Sure no problem!” I heard myself say.

And with a friendly grin of thanks he walked away.

He returned in a few minutes all smiles of gratitude.

He was sipping his concoction with a pleasant attitude.

Boy howdy did things go awry after that;

Unsettling things happened in the weird aftermath.

A woman sitting in the same area began screaming obscenities into her phone at someone.

Not sure who it was or what they had done, but it must have ticked her off – she was coming undone.

She yelled and she screamed like a banshee into her phone; words with four letters that start with “f”, oh my,

Seemingly she had no problem with us all hearing this embarrassing discourse; she was NOT shy!

Those of us sitting in the same location were taken aback,

Clearly she didn’t care and continued with no hindrance or slack.

After about 45 minutes of this yelling that was nerve wracking to hear,

Our plane that had been delayed several hours was approaching and the rest of us all gave a big cheer!

As the time ticked by, waiting for the plane to land,

I pondered if maybe there had been a connection to enduring this screaming to my giving that stranger a hand.

Had my disobedience to airport protocol brought this horrible karma to me?

Had not heeding the proverbial warning been a lesson for me to see?

The delay of the plane plus the horrible lady yelling; had I jinxed myself and others as well?

Was it at all connected to my not heeding the warning… was it my fault; my thoughts began to dwell.

Nah…..I concluded after a second or two, no big life lesson here.

One just never knows when you travel just who will be sitting near!

Will this expletive filled phone conversation keep me from traveling in the days ahead?

Heck no, ……I’ll just buy myself some coffee, plug in my ear phones, and read a good book instead!

Safe and Happy Travels to You All!


Joy Beth

7 / 11 / 2020


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  1. I had to read and reread and then read aloud to get all the nuances.

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