Settle Down Mother Nature

Photo by Jessica Hernandez Aransas Pass, Tx on February 14, 2021

Poet Joy Beth shares her feelings about Mother Nature following the Winter Storm of 2021.

Well Mother Nature can be a bit fickle .
She stormed through Texas and left the state in quite a pickle.

Snow, ice, sleet, and frigid temps were part of her bag of tricks.
She emptied them out across the state faster then we could predict.

Sassy broad as she is, she wrecked havoc as she pleased; nothing could stop her cold cold heart.
Snow and ice covered areas faster than preps could be done; before measures to cope could even start.

In her wake of cold disregard for the folks in Texas; she flagrantly spewed winter’s havoc North, South, West, and East.
She sent temperatures below freezing and snow blanketing across the land like a vengeful beast.

And yes, we were caught off guard and in shock at this sudden blast of winter that showed up in such a way.
We endured frozen roads, busted pipes, snow, and ice day after day after miserable day.

Photo by Marsha Johnston, Hill Country, Spring Branch onFebruary 16, 2021.

But, we Texans are made of hearty stuff, we might be down momentarily but we get back up and face the storm with a wry grin.
We face that mean Mother Nature with a chuckle and say as we tickle her under her chin.

“You can’t defeat us, you silly cold hearted woman, this is Texas and we don’t dance to your tune.
We will re-pipe, re-build, and do whatever it takes for our lives to resume.”

“It’s time for you Madame Mother Nature to settle down and move on with your cold self; just go.
You’ve showed us your bag of tricks of ice, sleet, and snow.”

“You will be welcome again with open arms if you appear with warm weather and sunshine.
Texas will happily greet you with smiles and love sublime.”

“Don’t mess with Texas ole Mother Nature you haughty thing.
We Texans will stand together against anything you bring!”

Joy Beth 2 / 18 / 2021


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