Poetry by Joy Beth

🕰Moments In Life

Moment by moment we live in our own dynamic of the world around us; interacting with people and circumstance.
Sometimes we yield, or push, or avoid, or take a chance, or hate, or cry, or laugh, or create, or destroy, or love, or even dare to dance.

Those moments are at times fleeting and disappear before their importance and impact are understood.
We react, judge, misinterpret, over analyze, join in, tune out, and most times respond the best we could.

These life moments come only once; some quietly and tenderly caressing our very core and subtly define our wishes our dreams.
Some moments are loud clamoring tornadoes picking us up, tumbling our existence into unexpected outcomes it would seem.

Moments colliding one into another and morphing into our life time clock; past into present and the future just another moment away.
Moments scaffolding our lives into the reality we live; our very existence day by day.

Each moment a promise of beautiful blessings; breathe them in and exhale with glee.
We only get to live them as they happen; embrace each moment and let’s see what will be.

Moments individually woven into life’s tapestry representing who we are; everything.
Moments that reflect the best in each of us is a hope that I bring.

🌷Joy Beth 1/ 29/ 2020

Words Unspoken

One of the biggest heartaches and reality of death is words unspoken.
The feelings you assumed you had time to express evaporate in death; dialogue broken.

Death brings silence; words can no longer manifest to convey thoughts or feelings; death absorbs everything.
The stark reality of opportunities now vanished are unsettling; remorse it will bring.

Words of hope, expectation, encouragement , gratitude, and especially the “I’m sorry” and “ I love you” lost forever.
The words unspoken in life clamor loudly in your heart; ears of death deem them unheard no matter our endeavor.

The only words best unspoken are those fueled by anger, hatred, hurt and frustration.
Instead I implore you to count slowly to 10 or maybe 101; give your speech hesitation.

My Daddy often said, “Don’t wait to send me flowers to my grave, please send them now for me to see.”
This sage advice about sending flowers is also true about speaking those heart words for a better world for both you and me.

Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts; oft times a simple smile or hug is a good place to start.
And with a smile I say,
“Family and friends I love you and speak with an eternally grateful heart.”

❤️Joy Beth 2 / 25 / 2021

⏰Time Travel⏱

Past, present, future; time is the path of life’s journey we all make.
Of the three, the present is the only clear existence of time we can partake.

The past is gone, memories are all that remain; perspectives of the past are defined by time itself.
Keep those special memories, but live in the now; don’t put the present on a shelf.

The future never really shows its face; dream and make plans for life ahead.
Without those beautiful vivid dreams the future might be drab and something to dread.

The present, the now; the only moment in time which we can reside.
Is all that we are given; enjoy it, embrace it and ride it like the highest wave that rolls in with the tide.

Time is a reflection of a mirror in a crazy house of angles, twists, and turns.
The optical illusions of the blending of the three, can make us doubt and yearn.

The heartbeats of our life give rhythm to dance by an anticipation of what the next step will bring.
Dance with the present; perfect the missteps of the past, and follow through to the future with joyful heart and by all means dare to dream.

Time cannot be contained, nor should we try to hold it firmly and refuse to share.
Let time travel as it should and soar from our hearts into the beauty of the possibilities like a bird in the air.

💚Love, Joy Beth 3/ 19 / 2019


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  1. Another good sharing! I hope you are ‘back to normal’ with water and power, and I hope you are doing well, Annita. When I was seeing on TV all the damage and disruption to families’ lives across your state, I’m sure there are many who are still suffering from some loss. We’re to get some wind and rain this afternoon, the rain will be very welcome! Love Sandra

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