Are you ready?

Do you love spending quiet time with a line in the water, enjoying the Gulf breeze while waiting for a bite? Maybe you’ve thought about meeting other anglers or even fishing competitively.

Unwritten common sense rules

The bays, coves, flats and channels, which are all part of the North Bay area, may appear to a “land-lubber” as open water with all different types of watercraft moving freely anywhere they wish when they want. This could not be farther from the truth.


Courtesy at the boat ramp

Courtesy? Whether it is in the workplace, in the home, in the community or while participating in recreation, we have a choice about how we behave. At this time of year, the parking lots of North Bay boat ramps are filled each weekend. Boaters and fishermen arrive with smiles and plans for a fun day on the water. It’s not unusual, though, for these happy faces to disappear during the launching experience.

Spring Texas Wildflowers

Spring wildflowers, spring equinox, spring break…all reasons to visit my coastal world, the North Bay of the Texas Coastal Bend. The Gulf beaches may be a final destination for the first day of spring, but the varied colored carpets of flowers scattered along the highways and streets as you make your way will brighten the day.