A friend I haven’t yet met

The sun was just coming up when Mike Ley stepped off the 7:00 a.m. ferry boat that carried him from Port Aransas across the Corpus Christi Ship Channel to the north jetty on San Jose Island. He took a picture of the sunrise then started walking south close to the dunes along the hurricane wrack line.

A never-ending MIB story

For Mike Ley, it was just another walk on the beach on January 16, 2015, when one of the many bottles littering the sand caught his eye. This one was sealed and had a rolled piece of paper inside. Ley immediately knew he had found another Message in a Bottle (MIB) but he did not realize his life and a young lady’s life would become linked through technology for a never-ending story.

Blue skies and calm waters

A weekend or vacation to the coast usually includes time on the beach but if you are heading to Mustang Island or North Padre Island during the summer months or over a holiday, you can expect spending one to two hours sitting in slow-moving traffic to reach a Gulf of Mexico beach.