Fighting the human vultures

Anywhere you go along the Gulf coast, a black silhouette of a large bird can often be seen soaring high above offshore islands, sparsely wooded areas and roadways. It may be one of the numerous black vultures looking for a dead or decaying animal carcass.

Finding beauty and hope after Harvey

The rocking chairs on the front porch of the Aransas County History Center bring to mind prior days when people strolled along the sidewalks while greeting neighbors on pleasant evenings. This is the kind of friendly welcome visitors can expect as they enter the front door of the frame house which withstood Harvey and other hurricanes including the one in 1919. Used as a temporary courtroom following the destruction of the Aransas County Courthouse on August 25, 2017, the History Center reopened on February 24, 2018, with a special Living History Exhibit, “Aransas County Strong: From Debris to Creativity & Hope”.