Poetry by Joy Beth

đź•°Moments In Life Moment by moment we live in our own dynamic of the world around us; interacting with people and circumstance.Sometimes we yield, or push, or avoid, or take a chance, or hate, or cry, or laugh, or create, or destroy, or love, or even dare to dance. Those moments are at times fleeting … Continue reading Poetry by Joy Beth


đź’”Troubled Heart

My Coastal World's Joy Beth shares her thoughts on our country's current protests following the death of George Floyd. Words that normally come fairly easily to mind, Are stirring in my heart and they are a struggle to find. I don’t know what to do with the totality of thoughts and emotions swimming around affecting … Continue reading đź’”Troubled Heart

Broken hearts

As February 14 arrives, cards, candy, flowers and special gifts have been purchased to give to a friend, sweetheart or soul mate. This modern day celebration in the middle of February began as a celebration of the beginning of bird mating season in the western world and evolved into what it has become today - a celebration of love between a couple.